Crossing the Bridge

We had a good meeting on Sunday, October 22, where 12 people showed up for the presentation on Barriers To Bridges. (Unfortunately, I didn't get a photo!) The presentation covered the background story, the beginnings of the mission, all the way through where things currently stand.  We finished with some discussion and ideas for participation by those present, with the hopes of furthering networking and continuing the dialogue, especially online. For those who could not attend, you are welcome to continue in the dialogue. (The content of the presentation is largely present in the website, and so I won't be uploading the presentation.)

In light of all that, I've been working on looking for a good way to connect people for discussion. As you may know, the variety of social media platforms makes it difficult to bring everyone onto one single forum. For those looking to assist in some way, this is a current need. If you have any ideas for a good online forum for discussion and sharing of media, please let me know. I am hoping to link it to the website as a central location for engaging and dialogue.

I'm leaving for Ecuador on October 31, planning to return on January 27. It will be a time of investigating some next steps, most especially in Chontal. Please keep me in prayer, and let's keep the discussion going!