On the Way

I'm in Miami on my way to Quito - I have a 5 hour layover, so I have some time to send a note!

Thanks to all the folks who have caught up in the past fews days, I appreciate the friendship and support - it’s always just great to see you and to share time together and our experience of the Gospel

Finding good ways to facilitate discussion is a challenge, because many are not signed up in the social networks. That said, I'm planning on focusing on two things for now:

  1. Each can share ideas, reactions, thoughts in the comments section of the posts I'll be sending along. (You can click on the title in the emails you receive, which will take you directly to the site where you can post a comment.) This linking of discussion to "following along" is a good way to get the feel of what I'm doing. It takes time to start to get the context and  the thrust of what's happening. Later on, other ways can be revisited.  Which leads to ....
  2. Planning a guided visit. I'd like to look into the possibility of planning a guided visit. I'm here until the end of January, possibly longer. if you have any interest at all, let's talk. There's nothing that help to understand what this is about like a visit in-person. It would include some tourism and relaxation dimensions. So, please let me know.

I'll be updating as I go. Feel free to start posting comments on the posts at the website.

As we remember those who have died before us in the next few days, may the good memories of their lives live on in us and inspire in us the love we knew in them.


A wall at Miami airport - different fish "cultures" come together!

A wall at Miami airport - different fish "cultures" come together!