High School Language Exchange 2013

In 2013, the English club at the high school Santiago Apóstol in Puerto Quito began a language exchange with a senior-level Spanish honors class at Cardinal Spellman high school in Brockton, MA. First, each side completed a round of introductory videos to share, and then the kids from Cardinal Spellman added another while we updated ours.

This is ours from Santiago Apostol in Puerto Quito:

Here are the two from Cardinal Spellman:

One of the great aspects to this interchange is that the students got to build a relationship using the language barrier. And in the process, they used technology in service of the dignity of the human person and in building new relationships within the life of the Church as brothers and sisters.

Sadly, the project was discontinued when the teacher at Cardinal Spellman passed away from a long illness, and the ending of the English club at the school.