Bridging Lawrence to Alao for Christmas

In Lawrence, MA, there is a sizable indigenous Ecuadorian community from the two small adjacent communities of Alao and San Antonio de Alao, in the County of Riobamba, in Chimborazo. We've been discussing for a while how I might make a connection with their villages back home when I go back to Ecuador. Here we were meeting during the novena that the community has been holding in preparation for Christmas, and we are taking steps to do a project that would bring Christmas gifts to the children and seniors of their villages back home, including a special day celebration when I go.

As there is widespread poverty in Alao, children - or anyone - there don't typically receive Christmas gifts, and seniors don't have retirement funds to cushion their later years. Please pray for this effort, I just think it would be a wonderful experience for everyone involved, as the community has never come together like this to do something to this scale for their families back in Riobamba!

As update, come and check out the summary of my visit in early January 2017! What a special time, and a great success for the people!