Poverty Relief for the Bazurto Family

For a month in 2015 I lived next door to my friends the Bazurto family, a household of 13 (several of whom have severe physical disabilities) in a tiny wooden house in Puerto Quito.  One day, the grandmother of the house Rosa approached me and asked me for $10 for food. The next day, I brought them a roasted chicken, and was invited to eat with them - the whole household would have had only rice to eat that night.

Over the days, I continued to bring them food and other household items like lightbulbs, mosquito nets, etc. Basically, if I got it for myself, I got it for them too. The kids needed eyeglasses, and I got some funding and brought them to the city to get eye exams and new glasses. Other funding was dedicated to more food support. And in 2016 after the earthquake drove them out of their home, we funded the updating of the house's support posts, which badly needed reinforcements.

Here is a presentation on the recent hose reinforcement, and enjoy the house party below!


I had a housewarming party in the new cement house I was staying in next door. I had a number of guests, and the Bazurtos were a little shy with other people around. But after everyone left and it got late, they brought their own music and had a dance party!