Current Ministries

Pastoral Ministry in Chontal

Coupled with, and as a fruit of, sharing life in Chontal, a variety of pastoral ministries naturally arise as seasons ebb and flow, that are at the core of the mission of turning barriers to bridges as brothers and sisters from the USA to Ecuador. These include:

  • Facilitating and preaching Celebrations of the Word
  • Spiritual accompaniment, personal and communal.
  • Visiting seniors, remote homes, and the poorest.
  • Facilitating the development of new groups and local movements, providing initial support and guidance and impulse, empowering sustainable local vision, leadership, community.
  • Facilitating new service-oriented projects and bridge-building.
  • Teaching and forming others for church ministries, including catechists, lectors, altar servers
  • Initiating and facilitating special faith-based celebrations, including Our Lady of Guadalupe, New Year's, local patrons, etc.
  • Formation in tools for advancement: language and technology. An emphasis on service to the human person and relationships.
  • Sharing of simple written materials, media, that are relevant to the local way of life and particular seasons. These include sharing my own book Luz en las Tinieblas, distributing foundational devotional literature, as well as showing of movies with quality themes.

Social Outreach Ministry in Chontal / San José de los Manduriacos

A new social outreach ministry is being formed in the parish San José de los Manduriacos, which is the parish in which Chontal is located. The aim is to integrate folks who have or have the intention of reaching out to those in the local communities who have the greatest needs: spiritual, emotional, material. As an initial participator and strong supporter, I aim to continue as a participator and supporter. 

Living in Chontal

I've lived in Chontal for various durations, mostly as a short-term visitor between 2010 and 2014, but since then as a part-time "resident". Coming as a stranger with a message of "family" to a mostly isolated, poor, rural place on the other side of the world is a huge challenge in human trust-building! Accompanying the people of Chontal and sharing in the their life has been a joy for me, and has developed me into not a benefactor from beyond, but a family-member, a friend, a missionary who brings good news in relationship.