Bosque de Oro Comes to Life

In 2013, I regularly visited one of the satellite villages in the area of Puerto Quito, called Bosque de Oro, or "Forest of Gold". With two of the Franciscan sisters, we went almost every Sunday to this community that had a Mass maybe once a month. There, we organized a celebration of the Word with Communion. I had the opportunity to preach there each week, but also to join with the sisters in developing the event. We prepared people to announce the Scripture, to form a choir, and take our own place at leading the services. We taught the rosary after the service as well, so that people could get comfortable and pray on their own at home if they wanted. In the meantime, we had also visited a few sick people after the service to bring communion or to pray with them. The attendance at the service and the sense of community grew until I had to leave, but return visits are always special!