Rebuild the Schoolteachers' Housing

In March 2015, the teachers at the local elementary/middle school in Chontal asked me if I could find a way to help them rebuild a part of their teacher's residence. Most of the teachers commute from cities about 4 to 5 hours away, and so they stay overnight during the week. There is a small residence on the site between classrooms where two of the teachers stay, and the wood construction was rotting. Coupled with the entrance of rodents, the teachers didn't feel safe. They asked for $200 to provide the cinder blocks to rebuild the housing as best they could.

A few friends and I raised the money, and after the blocks were bought, a few of the local people donated some of their time to rebuild the house. And just in time, as one of the teachers had just come back from maternity leave with a new little one in tow!