Local Presentations About the Mission

After returning to Boston, I was able to share the details of the earthquake relief effort with the people of Fr. Dario's parish in Milford, MA - St. Mary of the Assumption. We were able to make a 10-minute presentation in each of the Masses in English, Spanish, and Portuguese. Much of the money from the effort came from the Ecuadorian community within the parish, so it was important to present and show them what happened with their donation.

I was also able to present to friends at St. Anthony Shrine in Boston what my mission was. Several people came and listened, and from there, they decided that they wanted to do something to contribute. We decided to make bracelets for the students in Chontal.

From that presentation, I was invited to the Ecuadorian community at St. Mary of the Assumption in Lawrence (yes, the same parish name as the one in Milford). There, in the context of the novena that the Ecuadorian community was celebrating, I was able to share a summary of my mission, and also pictures of my visit to the community of San Antonio de Alao in the canton of Riobamba, Ecuador.  There is a sizable community of Ecuadorians from Riobamba there in that parish, and this presentation opened the door for a growing relationship.

Finally, I was invited by a friend, Fr. Pat Universal, to share about my mission experience with the senior residents at the Little Sisters of the Poor in Somerville, MA, where he is chaplain. Covering the theme of my being with my Mom, I shared a history and overview with a few specific stories, with videos and pictures. I even brought the charango and belted out a couple of songs!