Lenten Retreat for Religious Ed Teachers

In Lent 2016, I organized a retreat for the local religious ed teachers in Chontal. We went to Mindo, which is a well-known tourist area that also has retreat ground belonging to a religious community called Communio Sanctorum.

I incorporated a trip to the butterfly farm at the beginning to prepare for the retreat. We finally arrived a the retreat center at lunchtime Tuesday, and we left late afternoon the next day. A visit like this is rare for the people here, and it stretches their funds, but the parish priest donated a bit of money to support too.

The retreat experience was awesome, and each person had time to share with me - there were some amazing stories! We had fun coming back (we have to catch a few buses), and that turned into an adventure as well. There were some landslides that stopped the last bus route, but we got a truck to take us to the landslide in the rain, and a group of us walked across it in the dark, At the other side, a truck from Chontal picked us up and took us home. When I got back, I was up til midnight hand-washing my clothes and backpack that were covered in mud!