Christmas Gifts for Special Kids in Ecuador

(2016, $457, Quito) Sr. Meir Montiel of my friends the Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph asked if there was any way we could get gifts for a number of children with disabilities who she works with in Quito. We were able to put together enough to be able to buy therapeutic gifts for 9 children, including a baby carriage for one, and another 25 small gifts for other children. The people are grateful as you can see from the pictures below.

Sr. Meir noted at the beginning of the meeting that the gifts were donated by generous people from Boston. Hopefully one say they can come and visit!

Here is the final rundown on the finances. We have a balance of $38.36 that I will donate to this school.

***UPDATEOur goal of $275 has been reached, and then some: $457A great big thanks from me and Sr. Meir and everyone at Fe y Alegría! We're now able to also get a small Christmas gift for the other 25 children in the program, so thanks so much for your generosity and being a part of lifting the kids up. These children have a whole array of disabilities that include Cerebral Palsy, epilepsy, Down's Syndrome, paraplegia, among others. But as I like to say, they have "Dios"abilities! ... And you would always be invited to come some day and meet them, so they can lift you up, too ...  I will have an update soon.

Join with me in helping Fe y Alegría (Faith and Joy) in Quito, Ecuador to give badly needed therapeutic Christmas gifts to 9 kids with disabilities in their inclusion program. With your gift, you join hands with their families and the staff in their daily care of lifting up some very special children!

Sr. Meir Monteil of the Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph is a good friend who works with children with disabilities at Fe y Alegría in Quito, Ecuador. This organization works to advance integrated education that includes students who normally are marginalized or left out, including children with disabilities. The kids that Sr. Meir works with have a range of disabilities, especially cerebral palsy and epilepsy and different degrees of physical paralysis. There's a great need for therapeutic tools, and this Christmas is an opportunity to be a part of the love and care that these children are receiving for their development.