Safety Railing for the Parish Stairway


(2015, $250, Chontal) In May 2015, I offered to help the parish construct a safety railing on the stairway in the parish house by donating half the funds needed to do the work. I used money from a general donation that was given to me by a friend. The single flight of stairs leads up to a large room that is used for religious education and other things in the parish and community. It was not constructed with safety in mind.  It had no railing, making it very dangerous especially for children. One child had fallen a few years earlier, fortunately before the concrete was laid down on the area beneath it. The stairway was also dangerous because it gave easy access to a narrow pathway that circles the house at tis top, about 15 feet above ground. Kids accessed this to play and run around the house at 15 feet up! So, a nice new railing was installed that also limited access to the runway around the house. Kids now climb the stairs without the danger of falling!