Meeting Follow-Up

Thank you to all who came last night, it was a special opportunity to see everyone and to be able to share more of the perspective and experience of this mission between Ecuador and the US. Those that were able to stay until the end decided it would be good to meet again in two weeks to discuss our responses. Details are below.

I realized that there was a lot to share, and that we really ran out of time for discussion. I was stuck a bit trying to accomplish two things: provide some semblance of experiencing the mission - even if "virtually" - and time for fruitful discussion. The former is really needed before the latter, and it's a judgment call - forgive me if it extended longer than expected.

Here is a link to last night's Powerpoint presentation (without videos/media):

We'll head "outside the ballpark" to begin the discussion at the next meeting. If you were not present at the end of the meeting last night, and you would like to come to discuss your response to any of the past meetings, emails, web posts, etc., you're welcome to come - please let me know beforehand so we can plan.

Looking forward to it!


Next Meeting:

When: Monday, June 25, 7pm - 8:30pm

Where: Apartment of Luis Sanchez

15 Maverick St, Boston, MA 02128, Apt. 303

Luis Sanchez Apartment.png
  1. Street parking
  2. Enter main building entrance and ring buzzer 29 to get rung in.
  3. Go forward and to the right to the elevators, take to 3rd floor.
  4. Off elevator, go straight and then to the right at laundry room, to the end of the hall: Apt 303