Still Alive

Welcome to Barriers to Bridges, I'm glad you came by!

This update presentation covers the last year since November 2018. I can't believe it's been that long since an update has been put together, but that's the reality! The busyness of the last 5 months has put me behind, but I've been catching up and preparing for the next steps. As I did last time, since the news posts I've been writing are fairly detailed and cover well the arc of the last year, I've strung the posts together chronologically in this Sway.  Each post has a title and overview, plus a link where you can open up the original corresponding post in its entirety.

  • Experience looking into other missionary societies, including the St James Society, Rostro de Cristo, and others. This process has renewed my appreciation for the uniqueness and value of Barriers to Bridges

  • A re-dedication to B2B, recognizing the need to refocus on, develop, and promote the core: the relationship with Jesus and the two-way relationships of brothers and sisters in Christ, from the US to Ecuador, that leads to novel, practical "bridging".

  • A refocusing of the approach in Ecuador. Re-dedicating to living with the people and the brotherhood in Christ. A re-dedication to retreats, groups, workshops, teachings, plus bridging, both local and international, that are new to the current church structures, rather than being within and simply supporting the current church activities (catechesis, novenas, liturgies etc.)

  • The spiritual reflections from A Living Monstrance have been published into 3 books. These contain the spiritual reflections that have guided me along the whole journey through the mission.

  • The provisional lay membership in the St. James Society has finished its year (Oct to Oct). Grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the Society's activity both pastorally in Peru and administratively in Boston, I've returned to "friend and collaborator" status. The time gave me great experience in the pastoral life in Peru, as well as administrative experience and financial benefits - all carry over into my experience now in Barriers to Bridges.

At the end, I've placed the financials, including the profit-loss statements from 2018 and 2019 YTD, plus the current balance sheet. Though it has cost me time in ministry (both in Ecuador and Boston), the financial situation is much improved.  There's now about $4k in cash. There are no visa or immunization costs this year, and so this could support me comfortably enough for about 5 months in Ecuador after airfare. I plan on going in early December for 4 months. I have hoped to share a presentation in person before going, though I'm not sure if I'll be able to pull it off in time. I will update here at the website as I go.

Well, enjoy the presentation by clicking here or viewing it embedded below (for those reading this on the website), and feel free to contact me and reach out anytime!