Therapeutic Riding

Catching up on the past week, as things have been busy here... The past week, a mission team from Franciscan University came down with some priests and medical staff and students - a great week, I'll write more on that later ...

Last Friday, I spent the afternoon at the center for the disabled. We stopped by the center for therapy in the town center to pick up a few patients, and then headed off to the living and therapy center at the farm. A group of families from one of the nearby villages also came by in truck, so there were about 15 or so patients and residents, plus some family members, so it was a full house for lunch. There was music and some dancing after lunch, and while a little soccer game broke out, some of the families walked up the road to the horse therapy. Here are a few short clips of a few of the patients riding the horse:

At the end of the day, the folks who came from the village - and myself - didn't have a ride because of some communication problems with their original ride. So, when a truck came by with some things to drop off, the people asked him for a ride. Well, he wanted some money, more than the people had. I thought, I have that in my pocket. That's why God gave them a gringo with a few bucks that day. $15 to get a bunch of stranded families with their kids home? I'll do it ...So if you picture about 20 people crammed into the back of something like a large pickup truck, then you've kinda got the idea - we all got a therapeutic ride! Here's a really short clip of the ride, and a photo of a few of the disabled friends, in one little girl's wheelchair in the back of the truck:


Blessed are they who put their trust in God.

(Psalm 2)