Home Run

We hit a home run!

The fundraiser reached it’s end at the end of October. Good news: the goal was reached! (OK, $2 short!) A few days after the Red Sox won the World Series, I got hit out of the park! :)

People gave $1548, thank you very much for being a part of this. To give some context, that would amount to 178 hours of work on the ferry job I was working at this season! Thanks for sharing and lightening the load - your gift allows me to go to Ecuador on time! Plus, I will have $155 to add funding to the outreach ministry for the most in need in Chontal. Thank you again!

I will leave on Tuesday, November 6, and the plan is to get a longer-term visa while I’m in Ecuador that would bring me back to Boston on May 1.

Thank you again! You’re invited to follow along as I will continue to post updates.

Happy feast of All Souls,


Landed Thank You.jpg