Seeing Stars

Internet has been pretty good, but also intermittent and very slow, so my ability to communicate frequently is a bit hampered. But now I have an opportunity for quick note on Thanksgiving here in Chontal ….

A watuso

A watuso

Thanksgiving isn’t recognized here, so it’s like any other day. But I did have a few good meals, and I got myself an ice cream bar as well to celebrate. The plate below is fried fish with rice and patacones (fried plantains) and tomato salad: a great lunch! At night, I had a typical soup, and also some fresh, tasty watuso meat to go along with yucca. Happy Thanksgiving!

There has been a lot of interaction with the youth and the kids. Yesterday, we began making decorations for the pastoral room, which is above where I live. I was able to get some arts and craft supplies, and the youth and I are decorating the interior for this year’s Christmas theme. Here are some of the initial steps. When the room is done, there will be 6 separate spaces on the walls for the kids in the 6 religious ed classes to do something creative in the Christmas theme. The hope is to have the room transformed into something like a simple, walk-in creche!

There’s a lot more going on, but it’s late now - I’ll send another update when I can.

Here’s a view of the night-time adoration I’m able to do on occasion inside the church, as well as a dusk scene from near the church.

Again, have a great Thanksgiving weekend, and feel free to drop a note anytime!