Ecuador Relief Update

Hi everyone, Well, we are back in Quito, and what a trip! I have put the whole story here:

This Sway story will give you a full picture and hopefully an experience of participating in the mission. It includes photos and videos and stories, as well as financial information.

In sum, we've gone to San Isidro and returned, dropping everything off and handing out most of everything - and being a part of the hand of God...

I hope the online story above helps to connect you to the people here who have suffered because of the earthquake. I will be returning to Boston on May 31, and I would be glad to share the experience with you (and your group, if you're a part of one) in person.

As I mention in the sway story, I'm reflecting on continuing to participate in the next phases or recovery in the country. Please feel free to contact me with any comments or questions you might have. I'm always glad to hear!