Volaré - no it's not the car from the 70's (I guess it was a small car???)https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AnWHQCgByWg

It means, I'm flying this Thursday to return to Ecuador, to visit Chontal, Puerto Quito, Quito, Mindo, hopefully Santo Domingo and Quevedo, and also hoping to make a visit to the lay missionaries from the Family Missions Company that are located in the Oriente.

I'll be accompanying the people in Chontal in the Christmas novena and for the New Year, making a birthday party, too. I'm trying to arrange for getting a Santa suit to bring, too, we'll see ... I hope to have something to follow up on regarding the fundraiser as well. I'm working out a role in some pastoral work and possibly language sharing, so we'll see ...

In Puerto Quito, the kids from Santa Cecilia will be receiving their First Communion some time after Christmas, and I'm hoping to come and surprise them with a visit. I hope to catch up with a lot of friends and share in some of the activities in the program for the disabled.

Right now, I have a return date set for March 25, the feast of the Annunciation. We'll see what transpires....

The image here is a picture of a new print I have in my apartment here in Roslindale: 20141207_233001