Evangelization and Catechesis Supplies

In visiting homes and generally in sharing faith, there are a lot of instances where I wish I had a few simple things with me, things that are easy to get in the States but are not common here. For example, in one visit, one of the sisters brought a small foam football along. This one toy kept 3 kids occupied for almost 2 whole days, and made for a lot of fun and opportunities to enjoy our time together. So we can always seem to use things that help to create encounter and share faith and company together. In catechesis, there is no source for supplies, just a single book, so we have to look for ways to fund everything else.

  • For Evangelization: Bibles, rosaries, rosary pamphlets, miraculous medals, and other devotional items and books. Things specifically for children are useful too, like small toys and candies.
  • For Catechesis: Writing and drawing supplies, arts and crafts and books, videos and movies, computer software.
  • Another thing that I do is take pictures of people and print them out. Although some people take pictures, it's not nearly as common as in the States. And having a printed picture is even less common. By taking photos of people and printing them out, it sends the message that the person is worth photographing, and that they - and the memory of the event - are valuable. It costs 50 cents to print a photo, so it adds up after a while!

If you have any other ideas, I'd be glad to listen. If you'd like to be a part of these activities by donating, please check the financial support box here and comment in the comment box.