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Often, we know someone else who might like to hear about B2B - that's great, please pass the word along!  Raising awareness with others that you know opens new opportunities for everyone!

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Support in financial accounting, legal, internet and social media, and many other aspects of the operation of the mission is always appreciated.

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Being present to others is the foundation of relationship. I'm scheduling visits for voluntourism that include:

  • Tour of historic Quito and the equator
  • Visits to the communities where I dedicate myself
  • Rest and retreat in one of the most biodiverse locations in the world

You are welcome to come


  • Start a bridging relationship between your family, group, class, or parish
  • Be personally a part of language and cultural exchange
  • Have skills for local pastoral ministries and/or community development projects and want to come and participate in lifting up the poor, the sick, the weak, the marginalized

Share your gifts and talents